Valentin Racho | Real Nigga What Up

Had stacks of old and new footy from him. Went through it and thought might as well throw it all together.


Willy a.k.a Kuproy

Willy a.k.a Kuproy

Veteran Park – March 17, 2013 Willy a.k.a Kuproy X-Up

Red Bull Ride N Style 3 course testing

Red Bull and H5 Events were kind enough to let a small group of invited riders test out this years Ride N Style course for a few hours. This is what we got.

Riders: Johnny Coward
Mike Schmitt (Contest MC)
Devon Lawson
Kenny Arimoto
Forrest Parker
Kris “Lockedcog” Fay (Judge)




Willy a.k.a Kuproy at Skatepark Veteran Tangerang

Valentin Racho | Welcome to the Team

Destroy Bikes & Wheel Talk welcome 16 year old San Jose native Valentin Racho to the Team.

Canon 60D | Rokinon 8mm HD fisheye, Canon 28-80mm
Filmed by:Jeff Dempler and Kenny Arimoto

Song – Kendrick Lamar, The Recipe

3 Lines by Jonah Kessel

n the first line, the 180 off of the curb was switch.

MOEFIX Bike Check TIJEL – Happy New Year 2013

Bike Check Tidak Jelas… Selamat tahun baru 2013, semoga kita semua semakin sukses JAYA…

From : MOEFIX Karawaci Team