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Willy a.k.a Kuproy

Willy a.k.a Kuproy

Veteran Park – March 17, 2013 Willy a.k.a Kuproy X-Up


Red Bull Ride N Style 3 course testing

Red Bull and H5 Events were kind enough to let a small group of invited riders test out this years Ride N Style course for a few hours. This is what we got.

Riders: Johnny Coward
Mike Schmitt (Contest MC)
Devon Lawson
Kenny Arimoto
Forrest Parker
Kris “Lockedcog” Fay (Judge)




Willy a.k.a Kuproy at Skatepark Veteran Tangerang

Valentin Racho | Welcome to the Team

Destroy Bikes & Wheel Talk welcome 16 year old San Jose native Valentin Racho to the Team.

Canon 60D | Rokinon 8mm HD fisheye, Canon 28-80mm
Filmed by:Jeff Dempler and Kenny Arimoto

Song – Kendrick Lamar, The Recipe

3 Lines by Jonah Kessel

n the first line, the 180 off of the curb was switch.